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The trade name Clearmelt or Direct Skinning means a combination of injection molding (thermoplastic) with a finish (paint/PUR) produced directly in the tool.

The designation IMC, for In-Mold-Coating and IMP, In-Mold-Painting, can also be found for this PUR RIM process.

In order to enable perfect adhesion between the thermoplastic and polyurethane or polyurea, this process is often used in conjunction with injection compression molding.

High-precision manufacturing techniques in toolmaking make it possible to manufacture components without subsequent processing of the component edges.

This technology is not only used in the area of interior panels. Components with sensitive functions are also manufactured in this way.

This technology has great potential in automotive exterior components such as radiator covers in electric vehicles, decorative covers, pillar covers (B covers, etc.) or wheelhouse cladding.

Of course, this process is often combined with FIM (film insert molding) and multi-component injection molding.

In order to be able to test the processes and tools for our customers, our technical center also has a RIM Star system with different mixing heads and switching units in addition to turntable and turntable injection molding machines.