IME Inmold Electronic



IME inmold electronics is a technology that can be found in both the automotive and electronics sectors.

Depending on the planned application, we can manufacture molds in which capacitive foils are back-injected.

In this way, switching functions are integrated directly into the Integrated injection molding.

The area of heating foils as a defroster for lidar and radar transparent components is already implemented regularly.

Another area is the back-injection of foils with LEDs, as well as the connection of printed circuit boards with electronic components directly with high-tech plastics in order to achieve a combination of processes and cost savings.

The biggest challenge is making contact with the circuits or integrating connectors and cables that have to be protected in the injection molding tool.

To this end, we have developed different processes with which we are happy to support our customers right from the concept phase.

In combination with our other processes, such as the gentle introduction of the melt injection compression, we can thus implement a very wide range of options for you, depending on the tool.