Multi-color multi-injection multi-layer

Multi-colored, multi-layer, multi-component plastic parts are being used more and more frequently both in the automotive sector and in consumer goods. The big advantages are in one injection molding process different

Requirements of different plastics, as well as to combine different colors with each other.

For example, soft components such as sealing lips can be molded onto thermoplastics directly in the process in order to integrate sealing functions.

The integration of light windows or multicolored designs for sensor surfaces are also possible.

The combination with PUR RIM Colorform completes the possible variants. One of the oldest multi-color applications is likely to be car rear lights.

Many light guides are now manufactured in multi-layer processes to counteract sink marks and long cycle times.

Depending on the required component design, different concepts can be used.

In addition to the release of cavities with blocking slides or coreback, index applications in which parts of the mold rotate, turntable applications with rotary units on the injection machine or rotary units integrated in the tool in the portfolio.

For large components, manufacturing with an indexable insert is recommended.

If the usually limited core pull functions on the customer's turntable on the machine are not sufficient, we have the option of installing valve groups incl.

Offer control, BUS control and programming.