These tools are also often referred to as cube tools. The basis is a machine concept in which at least 2 injection units or a PU mixing unit are located opposite one another. The tool is divided into 4 mold halves, of which the middle mold halves can be rotated by 180°.

The advantage of this application is that the projected forces on the respective sides cancel each other out. Thus, the closing force can be reduced compared to turntable applications. Another advantage is that independently one injection compression application

Eg can be combined with a Clearmelt PUR RIM application or 2K thermoplastic application.

We often also manufacture tools for larger lenses (headlight covers), glazing components in PC glazing for side windows or panoramic roofs and pillar covers (B covers). this technology.

In the front panel product segment, both 2K components and 2K + polyurethane in conjunction with FIM are manufactured using this technology.