The production of multi-colored or multi-component plastic parts in combination with machine-side turntable is widespread. The advantage is that the machines have quite compact dimensions compared to indexable insert machines.

In our pilot plant we have the possibility to turntable movements to be carried out in 30° cycles.

The rotary movement takes only a very short time. Even with several thermoplastic components or combined with RIM PUR Colorform, the cycle time is hardly extended. For these reasons, the turntable application for a variety of Injection molding is the first choice.

Examples of the implementation can be multi-layer injection molding for thick-walled lens components or light guide elements. We also regularly use this technology for headlight covers and trim parts in the interior.

In combination with injection compression molding, 3K injection molding with variable unit arrangement, oscillating movement and the possibility for Colorform, our pilot plant is unique on the market.