FIM Film Insert Molding



This technology also includes IML In Mold Labeling. The difference between IML and FIM is the application. So IML refers to a label, so this is more im packaging area.

Film Insert Molding emerged from this technique. Here a 2D or 3D preformed film (thermoformed film) is fixed in the cavity and back-injected.

A combination of injection compression or multiple gating, for example via electrically controlled hot runner valve gate systems such as FlexFlow or E-Synflow, is advantageous. We would be happy to advise you on this.

The premise of this technology is the fixation of the film in the tool, avoidance of wrinkling and avoidance of the print being washed out, so-called washouts.

Among other things, we manufacture FIM tools for front ends such as radiator covers or display covers and switch covers. We also implement the technology for backlit design panels in combination with electronic switching functions.

A special feature is the introduction of heating elements via FIM for radome covers and lidar panels.

We have developed and implemented various solutions for the challenging applications of contacting conductor tracks LED etc.